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A book launch party at SFU Harbour Centre.

SFU Harbour Centre

515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver – Segal Conference Room

5:45 pm Launch Party for The Revolving City: 51 Poems and the Stories Behind Them
Presented by SFU Public Square and Anvil Press. With Joanne Arnott, George Bowering, Daphne Marlatt, George Stanley, Fred Wah, and Betsy Warland.

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Readings and an open mic session at The Cottage Bistro.

The Cottage Bistro

4470 Main Street, Vancouver

7:00 pm Twisted Poets Literary Salon
Presented by Pandora’s Collective with support from the League of Canadian Poets and the Canada Council for the Arts. With Kate Braid and Elizabeth Bachinsky. Hosted by Bonnie Nish.

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Readings and presentations at Christianne’s Lyceum, Banyen Books & Sound, Historic Joy Kogawa House, and CBC Studio 700.

Christianne’s Lyceum

3696 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver

6:00 pm Adventure Awaits
Presented by Christianne’s Lyceum. With Tiffany Stone, Elisa Gutiérrez, Kathy Beliveau, and Lee Edward Födi.

Banyen Books & Sound

3608 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver

6:30 pm Kemila Zsange (Presentation & Book Signing)
Past Life Regression (CreateSpace $25.00)
Read more about this event on the Banyen Books & Sound website

Historic Joy Kogawa House

1450 West 64th Avenue, Vancouver

7:30 pm Adventures in Song and Story with Grant Lawrence
Presented by Historic Joy Kogawa House.

CBC Studio 700

700 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

7:30 pm Pandora’s Collective Literary Awards Gala
Presented by Pandora’s Collective.

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Free professional development workshops for writers and publishers.

Vancouver Public Library

350 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver

Alma Van Dusen Room

11:00 am Writing the Unexpected with Alessandra Naccarato
Presented by UBC’s Booming Ground
1:15 pm What Are the Outside Influences on Your Characters? with Bennett R. Coles
3:00 pm Wading into the Swamp: Getting Messy with Writing with Daniela Elza

Peter Kaye Room

11:00 am Children’s Publishing Workshop with Robin Mitchell Cranfield
Presented by Publishing@SFU
To reserve your 10-minute session, we suggest you register in advance at
12:30 pm Non-Fiction Editing Workshop with Scott Steedman
Presented by Publishing@SFU
To reserve your 10-minute session, we suggest you register in advance at
3:00 pm Crossing Boundaries: Writing in Different Genres with Ian Weir
Presented by Canadian Authors Vancouver

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The main festival day takes place at the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library. Come hear musical performances, free readings, and panel discussions. Activities include writing workshops as well as a variety of literacy activities. Canadian authors and book and magazine exhibitors are all gathered to share a passion for the written word. Fun for literature and literacy lovers of any age.

Writing Talks | Word Talks | Canada Writes | Authors’ Words | Family Stage | Around the Site | Kids’ Lit | Kids’ Words | Poetry On The Bus | Magazine Words | Underground Words + Art | CUPE Stage | In the Promenade

Writing Talks

Writing workshops, author readings, and comics presentations. Inside, downstairs in the Peter Kaye Room.

11:00 am Digital Publishing Strategies with John Maxwell
Presented by Publishing@SFU
12:10 pm What Are Your Publishing Options? with Julie Salisbury
Presented by Influence Publishing
1:20 pm How to Captivate Readers through the Senses with Helen Polychronakos
Presented by SFU’s The Writer’s Studio

AUTHORS PRESENT (Host: Margaret Gallagher, CBC)
2:30 pm Caroline Woodward
Light Years: Memoir of a Modern Lighthouse Keeper (Harbour Publishing $29.95)
3:00 pm John Vaillant (Adopted by: First Choice Books)
The Jaguar’s Children (Vintage Canada $21.00)

COMICS ARTISTS PRESENT (Host: Brian Lynch, Georgia Straight)
3:30 pm David E. Boswell 
I Thought I Told You to Shut Up (Documentary Screening)
4:10 pm Julian Lawrence
The Adventures of Drippy the Newsboy Vol 1: Drippy’s Mama (Conundrum Press $12.00)
4:40 pm Michael Kluckner
Toshiko (Midtown Press $19.95)

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Word Talks

Writing workshops and panel discussions. Inside, downstairs in the Alma VanDusen Room.

11:00 am Getting Started and Staying Motivated as a Published Children’s Book Author
Presented by CWILL BC. With D.R. Graham, Janet M. Whyte, Mark David Smith, and Aleesah Darlison. Moderated by Lori Sherritt-Fleming.
12:10 pm The Creative Process: Tips and Techniques for Mapping out Stories
Presented by CWILL BC. With Lee Edward Födi, Melanie Jackson, Lois Peterson, and Tiffany Stone. Moderated by Lori Sherritt-Fleming.
1:20 pm Life as an Editor: Exploring the Many Faces of Editing
Presented by Editors British Columbia. With Eric Damer, Lesley Erickson, Georgina Montgomery, Eve Rickert, and Tiffany Sloan.
2:30 pm Establishing and Growing Your Digital Footprint with Trevor Battye and Suzanne Norman
Presented by Publishing@SFU.
3:45 pm Constructing Mysteries and Thrillers for the 21st Century
With E.R. Brown, Owen Laukkanen, Linda L. Richards, Glynis Whiting, and Sam Wiebe. Moderated by Lonnie Propas.

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Canada Writes

Experience a wide array of stories, ranging from comedy to tragedy, about near and far, the real and the imagined, and love and adventure.

WORDS AND THE WORLD (Host: Scott Steedman, SFU)
11:00 am Catherine Owen
The Other 23 & a Half Hours: Or Everything You Wanted to Know that Your MFA Didn’t Teach You (Wolsak and Wynn $20.00)
11:20 am Josh Hergesheimer
The Flour Peddler: A Global Journey into Local Food from Canada to South Sudan (Caitlin Press $24.95)
11:40 am Stan Persky (Adopted by: Pulpfiction Books)
Post-Communist Stories: About Cities, Politics, Desires (Cormorant Books $24.95)

WOMEN’S VOICES (Host: Maegan Thomas)
12:10 pm Elizabeth McLean
The Swallows Uncaged (Freehand Books $21.95)
12:30 pm Bonnie Reilly Schmidt
Silenced: The Untold Story of the Fight for Equality in the RCMP (Caitlin Press $24.95)

CRIME AND SUSPENSE (Host: Mike McCardell, CTV)
1:00 pm Shawn Curtis Stibbards 
The Video Watcher (Biblioasis $19.95)
1:20 pm William Deverell (Adopted by: Humber School for Writers)
Sing a Worried Song (ECW Press $24.95)

A LAUGHING MATTER (Host: Hal Wake, Vancouver Writers Fest)
1:50 pm Arthur Black (Adopted by: Writers Guild of Canada)
Paint the Town Black (Harbour Publishing $22.95)
2:10 pm Andrew Struthers (Adopted by: Liesl Jauk)
Around the World on Minimum Wage (New Star Books $24.00)
2:30 pm Charles Demers (Adopted by: book’mark, The Library Store)
The Horrors: An A to Z of Funny Thoughts on Awful Things (Douglas & McIntyre $24.95)

3:00 pm Emily Urquhart (Adopted by: Anne Giardini)
Beyond the Pale: Folklore, Family and the Mystery of Our Hidden Genes (HarperAvenue $29.99)
3:20 pm Irina Kovalyova (Adopted by: Pulpfiction Books)
Specimen (House of Anansi Press $19.95)

SOCIETY AND OURSELVES (Host: George McWhirter, Author)
3:50 pm Pauline Holdstock (Adopted by: CUPE)
The Hunter and the Wild Girl (Goose Lane Editions $32.95)
4:10 pm George Bowering (Adopted by: Friesens)
Ten Women (Anvil Press $20.00)
4:30 pm Michael V. Smith (Adopted by: Bryan Pike)
My Body Is Yours (Arsenal Pulp Press $17.95)

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Authors’ Words

Readings by fresh faces, new faces, and well-known voices for the literary scene.

YA WORDS (Host: JJ Lee)
11:00 am In Our Own Voice Contest Winners
Presented by In Our Own Voice Contest and Book Anthology. With Morgan Cross, Lucy Dabbs, Andrew Jutte, Holly Moonen, and Ashianna Ralynn.
11:30 am Darren Groth
Are You Seeing Me? (Orca Book Publishers $19.95)

SUPERNATURAL STORIES (Host: Aaron Bushkowsky, Writer)
12:00 pm Rachel Hartman (Adopted by: Vancouver Children’s Literature Roundtable)
Shadow Scale (Doubleday Canada $23.00)
12:20 pm Kristi Charish
Owl & the Japanese Circus (Gallery Books $22.00)
12:40 pm Aislinn Hunter (Adopted by: Monty Reid)
The World Before Us (Anchor Canada $21.00)

MUSICAL MUSINGS (Host: Aaron Chapman)
1:10 pm Andrea Warner (Adopted by: Pulpfiction Books)
We Oughta Know: How Four Women Ruled the ’90s and Changed Canadian Music (Eternal Cavalier Press $20.00)
1:30 pm Heather Haley (Adopted by: Eponymous)
The Town Slut’s Daughter (Howe Sound Publishing $20.00)

THRILLING TALES (Host: David Chariandy, SFU)
2:00 pm Robert J. Wiersema (Adopted by: Hager Books)
Black Feathers (HarperCollins $24.99)
2:20 pm Owen Laukkanen (Adopted by: CUPE)
The Stolen Ones (G.P. Putnam’s Sons $31.00)
2:40 pm Stella Harvey
The Brink of Freedom (Signature Editions $22.95)

INTROSPECTIONS (Host: Sheri Radford, Where Vancouver)
3:10 pm Michael Christie (Adopted by: Pulpfiction Books)
If I Fall, If I Die (McClelland & Stewart $29.95)
3:30 pm Carellin Brooks
One Hundred Days of Rain (BookThug $20.00)

HISTORICAL FICTION AND MORE (Host: Kyla Epstein, VPL Board Trustee)
4:00 pm Ashley Little
VPL Writer in Residence
4:20 pm Alix Hawley (Adopted by: Pulpfiction Books)
All True Not a Lie in It (Knopf Canada $29.95)
4:40 pm Theresa Kishkan
Patrin (Mother Tongue Publishing $17.95)

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Family Stage

Family-friendly entertainment all day long.

11:00 am Dixie Star Storytelling
11:20 am Sharon Shorty, VPL Storyteller in Residence
11:45 am Dixie Star Storytelling
12:05 pm Aleesah Darlison
12:30 pm FortisBC’s Supernova’s
12:45 pm Dixie Star Storytelling
1:05 pm Spanish Storytime with Maura Camino and Isabel Mendo
1:25 pm Children’s Book Reading with Kathryn Shoemaker **NEW TIME**
1:40 pm Children’s Book Reading with Grant Lawrence
2:00 pm Vancouver Youth Theatre
2:40 pm Spanish Music Time with Maura Camino and Isabel Mendo
3:00 pm FortisBC’s Supernova’s
3:15 pm Children’s Book Reading with Mike McCardell **NEW TIME**
3:30 pm Children’s Book Reading with Nan Gregory
3:50 pm Vancouver Youth Theatre
4:30 pm Fiddlin’ Frenzy

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Around the Site

Roving entertainment all over the festival site.

11:30 am to 12:00 pm Dragon Dance with the Gung HAGGIS Fat Choy Dragon Boat Team
12:00 pm to 3:00 pm Mascall Dance

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Kids’ Lit

Fun, interactive family activities all day long.

ALL DAY FortisBC Street Team
ALL DAY Spanish Activities with Maura Camino and Isabel Mendo
ALL DAY Christianne’s Lyceum
ALL DAY Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association
ALL DAY Decoda Literacy Solutions
ALL DAY Frontier College
ALL DAY WestCoast Families

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Kids’ Words

Listen to fantastical fiction, rhythmic rhymes, adventurous anecdotes, and more. These readings are suitable for children aged 0–12, but are fun for all!

NATURE AND THE WORLD (Host: Margo Bates, author)
11:00 am Daniel Anctil (Adopted by: Midtown Press)
L’Envol / Fly Fly (Midtown Press 19,95 $ / $19.95)
11:20 am Deborah Hodge (Adopted by: Robert Heidbreder)
West Coast Wild: A Nature Alphabet (Groundwood Books $18.95)
11:40 am Jude Isabella (Adopted by: KidsBooks)
The Red Bicycle (Kids Can Press $19.95)

ILLUSTRATED TALES (Host: Margaret Gallagher, CBC)
12:10 pm Julie Flett (Adopted by: Kathryn Shoemaker)
Dragonfly Kites (Fifth House Publishers $19.95)
12:30 pm Robert “Lucky” Budd
Orca Chief (Harbour Publishing $19.95)
12:50 pm Sara Gillingham (Adopted by: KidsBooks)
Busy Baby: Friends and Busy Baby: Trucks (Chronicle Books $12.99)

GROWING UP (Host: Nan Gregory, Storyteller and Author)
1:20 pm Robin Stevenson (Adopted by: Kumon Capilano Mall)
The Summer We Saved the Bees (Orca Book Publishers $9.95)
1:40 pm Katarina Jovanovic
The Blue Vase (Tradewind Books $12.95)
2:00 pm Melanie Jackson
Eye Sore (Orca Book Publishers $9.95)

ANIMALS AFTER LUNCH (Host: Kathryn Shoemaker, Author)
2:30 pm Troy Wilson
The Duck Says (Scholastic Canada $16.99)
2:50 pm Brandee Bublé (Adopted by: KidsBooks)
Jayde the Jaybird (Simply Read Books $18.95)
3:10 pm Aleesah Darlison (Adopted by: KidsBooks)
Spider Iggy (Wombat Books $24.95)
3:30 pm Kallie George (Adopted by: Adriane Carr)
The Magical Animal Adoption Agency, Book 1: Clover’s Luck (HarperCollins Publishers $16.99)

RHYTHM AND RHYMES (Host: Maegan Thomas)
4:00 pm Jeremy Tankard (Adopted by: Robert Bittner)
Melvis and Elvis (HarperCollins Publishers $19.99)
4:20 pm Robert Heidbreder (Adopted by: UBC Continuing Studies Writing Centre)
Song for a Summer Night (Groundwood Books $17.95)
4:40 pm Tiffany Stone (Adopted by: Rene Groulx)
Teatime (Simply Read Books $18.95)

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Poetry On The Bus

Readings of poems by established and emerging poets include various themes—BC, history, nature, love, relationships, introspection, and more!

11:00 am World Poetry Celebrates the Persian Poet Hakim Omar Khayyám (1131–1048 BCE)
With Afsaneh Salehi. Hosted by Ariadne Sawyer and Nasreen Pejvack.
11:30 am The Revolving City: 51 Poems and the Stories Behind Them (Anvil Press $18.00)
With Daniela Elza, Mercedes Eng, Mariner Janes, and Cecily Nicholson. Hosted by Renée Sarojini Saklikar.

A HINT OF HISTORY (Host: Kevin Williams, Talonbooks)
12:00 pm Kim Trainor
Karyotype (Brick Books $20.00)
12:15 pm Philip Resnick
Footsteps of the Past (Ronsdale Press $15.95)
12:30 pm Sandy Shreve
Waiting for the Albatross (Oolichan Books $19.95)
12:45 pm Daphne Marlatt
Liquidities: Vancouver Poems Then and Now (Talonbooks $16.95)

1:00 pm Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli (Adopted by: Department of English, SFU)
Rom Com (Talonbooks $17.95)
1:15 pm Raoul Fernandes
Transmitter and Receiver (Nightwood Editions $18.95)
1:30 pm Leah Horlick
For Your Own Good (Caitlin Press $18.00)
1:45 pm Amber Dawn (Adopted by: Kate Braid)
Where the words end and my body begins (Arsenal Pulp Press $14.95)

2:00 pm Poetry in Transit
With Beth Kope, Miranda Pearson, Pamela Porter, Michael Kenyon, Kayla Czaga, and Russell Thornton. Hosted by Evelyn Lau.

POETIC EXPLORATIONS (Hosts: Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli, Poets)
3:00 pm Lucas Crawford
Sideshow Concessions (Invisible Publishing $15.95)
3:15 pm Chelene Knight (Adopted by: CUPE)
Braided Skin (Mother Tongue Publishing $18.95)
3:30 pm Kevin Spenst
Jabbering with Bing Bong (Anvil Press $18.00)

A TWIST OF NATURE (Host: Rob Taylor, Poet)
3:45 pm Jeff Steudel (Adopted by: CUPE)
Foreign Park (Anvil Press $18.00)
4:00 pm Elena Johnson
Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra (Gaspereau Press $17.95)
4:15 pm John Pass (Adopted by: Pulpfiction Books)
Forecast: Selected Early Poems (1970–1990) (Harbour Publishing $18.95)

4:30 pm Dead Poets Reading Series
With Evelyn Lau, Sandy Shreve, and Fiona Tinwei Lam. Hosted by Rob Taylor.

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Magazine Words

Canadian literary magazine presentations, readings, and panel discussions.

11:00 am Pitch Perfect with Dan Post and AnnMarie MacKinnon
Presented by Magazine Association of BC. Hosted by Sylvia Skene.
12:10 pm Room Magazine with Daniela Elza and Meaghan Rondeau
Presented by Room Magazine. Hosted by Bonnie Nish.
12:50 pm EVENT Magazine with Alessandra Naccarato and Adrick Brock
Presented by Douglas College. Hosted by Shashi Bhat.
1:30 pm Coastal Poetics with Aislinn Hunter, Laura Matwichuk, and Jessie Jones
Presented by PRISM international. Hosted by Jennifer Lori.
2:10 pm Writing from Life with Ricepaper Magazine
Presented by Ricepaper Magazine. With Fred Wah, Fiona Tinwei Lam, and Leanne Dunic. Hosted by Anna Ling Kaye.
3:00 pm How to Remain Relevant as a Publisher in a Rapidly Changing World
4:00 pm Musings on the Poetic Process
With Jordan Abel, Rahat Kurd, and Jacqueline Turner. Moderated by Wayde Compton and Renée Sarojini Saklikar.

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Underground Words + Art

Comics and chapbook readings, panels, and workshops.

11:00 am Emily Davidson, Shaun Robinson, and Shazia Hafiz Ramji (Host: Kevin Spenst, Poet)
The City Series: Number One—Vancouver (Frog Hollow Press $10.00)
11:30 am The Chapbook: For Love or Money?
With Catherine Owen, Heidi Greco, and Kyle Hawke. Moderated by S.R. Duncan.
12:30 pm Comics Workshop for Beginners with David Lasky
1:45 pm Heidi Greco, Renée Sarojini Saklikar, and George Stanley
Cascadia (Leaf Press $10.00)
2:00 pm Comics: DIY and Self-Publishing
With David Lasky, Julian Lawrence, and Leonard Wong. Moderated by Ed Brisson.
2:45 pm Visual Storytelling with Ken and Joan Steacy
4:00 pm Poems Fit to Print and Fold: A Chapbook Workshop with Kevin Spenst

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CUPE Stage

Author readings on the CUPE Stage.

11:30 am Matt Rader
12:30 pm Chelene Knight
1:30 pm Elisabeth Kushner
2:30 pm Angelica Poversky

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In the Promenade

Bookmaking demos, lettering demos, and our annual silent auction!

Bookmaking Demos Presented by the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild
11:00 am Gina Page, Mini Tunnel Books
12:00 pm Suzan Lee, Case Binding
1:00 pm Suzan Lee, Bookbinding Tools
2:00 pm Kathy Nash, Longstitch Journal/Notebook
3:00 pm Jessica Tremblay, Maze Books
4:00 pm Candace Thayer-Coe, Suminagashi Paper Marbling

Lettering and Bookmarks Presented by the Westcoast Calligraphy Society

The Annual Silent Auction
11:00 am to 4:45 pm

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