Sunday Schedule

Please see our Accessibility Info page for details on venue access including ramps, washrooms, and scent policies. Instructions for placing an ASL interpreter request are also on the Accessibility Info page.


The main festival day takes place at Library Square, located at the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library. Enjoy free readings, panel discussions, and live performances. Activities include writing workshops as well as a variety of literacy activities. Canadian authors and book and magazine exhibitors will also gather to share a passion for the written word. Fun for literature and literacy lovers of any age!


Alma VanDusen Room| The Community Writers Stage |The CUPE Stage |The Speakers Salon (Blenz) | Sunrise Suite (South Plaza) |Suspension Bridge | Imagination Island | The Quay | Workshops, Panels and Demos

Alma VanDusen Room

11:00 am The Collective Voice Personal and Cultural Heritage 
Andrea WarnerBuffy Sainte-Marie: The Authorized Biography (Greystone Books), Darrel J. McLeodMamaskatch: A Cree Coming of Age (Douglas & McIntyre), Daniel Marshall – Claiming the Land (Ronsdale Press)

12:10 pm The Journey
Vikram VijVij: A Chef’s One-Way Ticket to Canada with Indian Spices in His Suitcase (Penguin Random House), Henry TanakaChanging Tides: Vanishing Voices of Nikkei Fishermen and Their Families (Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre)

1:20 pm The Planet Earth and Everything on It
Ian Hanington Just Cool It: The Climate Crisis and What We Can Do (Greystone
Books), Renée Sarojini Saklikar and Mark L. WinstonListening to the Bees (Nightwood Editions), Geoff DembickiAre We Screwed?: How a New Generation is Fighting to Survive Climate Change (Raincoast Books)

2:30 pm Stories of Murder and Beyond
Lorimer ShenherThat Lonely Section of Hell: The Botched Investigation of a Serial Killer Who Almost Got Away (Greystone Books), Carys CraggDead Reckoning: How I Came to Meet the
Man Who Murdered My Father (Arsenal Pulp Press), Claire SichermanImprint: A Memoir of Trauma in the Third Generation (Caitlin Press)

3:40 pm The Collective Voice
Sara GraefeSwelling with Pride: Queer Conception and Adoption Stories (Caitlin Press), Renée Sarojini SaklikarSustenance: Writers from BC and Beyond on the Subject of Food (Anvil Press), Jianna Faner & Abeer YusufWhenever I Find Myself, Stories by Canadian Immigrant Women (Caitlin Press)

The Community Writers Stage

11:00 am

Writers International Readers: Ashok BhargavaSkipping Stones (Virgo Publications), Lilija Valis Freedom at the Fault Lines(Outskirts Press, Inc.), Enrico Renz (Music), Bonnie Quan Simmons

Pandora’s Collective: Daniela Elza – milk tooth bane bone (Leaf Press), Heidi GrecoPractical Anxiety (Inanna Publications), Heidi Greco (Editor) – Heart of it All: Ten Years of Writing from Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (Otter Press), contributors to present

12:10 pm

The Federation of BC Writers: Cynthia SharpRainforest in Russet (Silver Bow Publishing), Rob Taylor – “Oh Not So Great”: Poems from the Depression Project (Leaf Press), Trevor CarolanNew World Dharma (SUNY Press) and Marlowe Ferris (Guitar and Vocals) – University of the Fraser Valley College of Arts

1:20 pm

Writing Group from Kwantlen University: Geoffrey Nilsonin my ear continuously like a stream (above/ground press), Angela Rebec, Winston Le

Community Writing Group: Leanne Prain –  Strange Material (Arsenal Pulp), Erin Ashenhurst, Laura Farina – Diagnostic Tool (Gaspereau Press)

2:30 pm

The Maynard: Online Poetry Journal Celebrating 10th Year with Leena Niemela, Ram Randhawa, Annie Ross, Surya Govender

3:40 pm

Dead Poets Reading Series: Rob Taylor – “Oh Not So Great”: Poems from the Depression Project (Leaf Press), Diane TuckerBonsai Love (Harbour Publishing), Isabella Wang

Royal City Literary Arts Society: Alan HillThe Narrow Road to the Far West (Silver Bow Publishing), Nasreen PejvackParadise of the Downcasts (Rutherford Press), Lozan YamolkyCounting Waves (Silver Bow Publishing)

The CUPE Stage

11:30 am Danielle LaFrance
12:45 pm Shireen Clark
2:00 pm Jane Whittingham

The Speakers Salon (Blenz)

11:00 am
The Georgia Straight: Freelancing Tips or What Catches Our Eye with Charlie
Smith, Editor
Presented by Georgia Straight

11:50 am
What is a Literary Makerspace: Text and Art with Candie Tanaka
Presented by ICOAAT (International Centre of Arts and Technology)

12:40 pm
North Shore News with Peter Kvarnstrom
Presented by North Shore News

1:30 pm
Panel: Young Adult Novels, Blurring the Lines: Complex Women in Young Adult Fiction with Eileen Cook – With Malice, Hanging Girl (Raincoast Books), Lianne Oelke – Nice Try, Jane Sinner (Raincoast Books), Arushi Raina – When Morning Comes (Tradewind Books)

2:40 pm
Back to Print: Ricepaper’s Journey to the Digital Age and Back Again with William
Tham, Senior Editor
Presented by Ricepaper Magazine

3:30 pm
BeatRoute: Why We Have an Obligation to Keep Print Alive with Yasmine
Presented by BeatRoute Magazine

4:20 pm
Editing an Online Poetry Journal with Jami Macarty, Co-Founder & Editor of The Maynard
Presented by The Maynard

Sunrise Suite (South Plaza)

Sponsored by Yosef Wosk

11:00 am

Traditional Blessing by Christie Charles

The Vancouver Poet Laureates
Christie Charles, George McWhirterA Gift of Women (Exile Editions), Brad CranInk on Paper (Nightwood Editions), Evelyn LauTumour (Oolichan Press)

12:10 pm
Al RempelUndiscovered Country (Mothertongue Publishing), Jude NealeCantata in Two Voices (Ekstasis Editions), Sita Gala, Leanne BoschmanPrecipitous Signs: A Rain Journal (Leaf

1:15 pm
Produced by Poet and Novelist Roger R. Blenman and !Kona: World Poetry Presents: Other/Self Images: A Black lens on masculinity and femininity.
Presented by World Poetry

2:20 pm Poetry in Transit
Susan AlexanderThe Dance Floor Tilts (Thistledown Press), Aidan ChafeShort History of Light (McGill-Queen’s University Press), Linda CrosfieldRefugium (Caitlin Press), Leef EvansSustenance (Anvil Press), Emily NilsenOtolith (Goose Lane Editions), David Zieroththe bridge from day to night (Harbour Publishing)

3:25 pm
Robin SusantoWild Weather: An Anthology of Love Poems (Leaf Press, CV2), Onjana YawnghweThe Small Way (Caitlin Press), Daniela Elzamilk tooth bane bone (Leaf Press)

4:30 pm Poetry Youth Slam
Colin Brodt and Anjalica Solomon

Suspension Bridge

11:00 am The Many Faces of Love
Stella MacLeanBringing Emma Home (Harlequin Special Releases), CC HumphreysChasing the Wind (Penguin Random House)

12:10 pm Questions of Identity
Ethel WhittyThe Light A Body Radiates (Caitlin Press), Carissa HaltonLittle Yellow House: Finding Community in a Changing Neighborhood (The University of Alberta Press)

1:20 pm Another Taste of Poetry
Barbara PelmanNarrow Bridge (Ronsdale Press), Edward ByrneDuets (Talonbooks), Rob Taylor“Oh Not So Great”: Poems from the Depression Project (Leaf Press)

2:30 pm The Quest
Charles DemersProperty Values (Arsenal Pulp Press), kc dyerFinding Fraser (Penguin Random House), Sam WiebeInvisible Dead (Penguin Random House)

3:45 pm When Things Fall Apart
Maureen MedvedBlack Star(Anvil Press), Brett Josef GrubisicOldness, Or The Last-Ditch Efforts of Marcus O (Now or Never Publishing), Gillian WigmoreGlory (Invisible Publishing)

Imagination Island

All day
Join the staff and volunteers of Christianne’s Lyceum (Vancouver’s amazing community-based literature and art centre) to enjoy some word activities for the entire family. Create your own mini books (we provide the pictures, you provide the words), participate in our literary ring toss or play a game of Zip-It’s to win fabulous prizes, or leave your wish on our wishing wall. Books and art projects? Our two favourite things!
Christianne’s Lyceum

All day
Make frameable literary art
CWILL BC and Reading Lights

The Quay (South Plaza)

11:00 am The Young Crowd
Kallie GeorgeGoodnight Anne (Penguin Random House), Tiffany StoneTree Song (Annick Press)

12:10 pm For Younger Children
Jane WhittinghamA Good Day for Ducks (Pajama Press), Aidan CassieSterling, Best Dog Ever (Raincoast Books)

1:20 pm Storytelling with Drag Queens for Kids
Join us for an exciting glamourous daytime event as Drag Performers read from their favourite picture books at Word Vancouver.Featuring the wonderful Gay Sha, Tommi Horror and Maiden China reading to kids. All to support gender diversity and literacy in a fun inclusive environment.

2:30 pm Midgrade 9-14

Brooke CarterLucky Break (Orca Press), Melanie JacksonMedusa’s Scream (Orca Press), Johanna WagstaffeFault Lines: Understanding the Power of Earthquakes (Orca Press)

3:40 pm Young Adult 15+
Shelley HrdlitschkaLost Boy (Orca Press), Darren GrothInfinite Blue (Orca Press), Raziel ReidKens (Penguin Random House), Rachel HartmanTess of the Road (Penguin Random House)

Workshops, Panels and Demos

Downstairs in the Atrium

All day by appointment
Mini-Manuscript Consults SFU Writers Studio
Register here.


11:00 am Workshop: Pandora’s Collective Word Whips Writing with Fran Bourassa
Fill in the Blank Poetry: Good for all ages, create your very own poem.
Presented by Pandora’s Collective

11:45 am Workshop: Writing from The Heart with Lara Varesi, president of The Burnaby Writers Association.
Lara will be giving writing prompts for poetic inspiration around the impact of childhood memories on our adult selves.
Presented by The Burnaby Writers Association

12:30 pm Workshop: A Writing Session with Jami Macarty, The Maynard Editor.
In this all-genre, generative writing session, we’ll use questions as prompts to recall fugitive memories.
Presented by The Maynard

1:15 pm Workshop: The Dead Poets with Kevin Spenst
Come and write in response to the poets of the past whose work lives alongside us. Kevin Spenst will be reading from poets who’ve been read at the Dead Poets Reading Series.
Presented by The Dead Poets Reading Series

2:00 pm Workshop: Writing Prompts – Stop Making Sense with Laura Farina
Prompts design to loosen you up, let go and discover the strange and beautiful associations your unique brain makes.
Presented by Community Writers

2:45 pm Workshop: The Federation of BC Writers with Rob Taylor
Associative Leaps: Prompts designed to help you draw surprising connections and create unexpected images in your writing.
Presented by The Federation of BC Writers

3:30 pm Workshop: Humour in Memoir with Shannon Rayne.
A fun and playful workshop designed to explore the humour and absurdity in our lives.

4:30 pm Workshop: The Mysteries of Time with Daniela Elza.
The Mysteries of Time, its passing and what it leaves behind.
Presented by Pandora’s Collective

Peter Kaye Room

11:00 am Panel: Children’s Writers and Illustrators of BC Society on their Successful Journeys and Challenges
Moderator: Linda DeMeulemeester. Lee Edward, Kathryn Shoemaker, Mark David Smith, Suzanne de Montigny, Melanie Jackson, Jane Whittingham, G.R. Ludlow
Presented by CWILL BC 

12:05 pm Panel: Crime Writers of Canada: Differences and Similarities Between True Crime and Crime Fiction
Moderator: Cathy Ace. Dave Butler, Eileen Cook, Elizabeth Elwood, Eve Lazarus, Kathy Matak
Presented by Crime Writers of Canada

1:10 pm Panel: Overcoming Writer’s Block
Moderator: JJ Lee. Joanne Arnott, Shashi Bhat, Wayde Compton,

What do you do when you’re stuck in front of a blank page? Aimed at writers of all levels and genres, this panel discussion will provide ideas, anecdotes and exercises to equip writers with strategies to start writing and keep writing.

Presented by EVENT Magazine

2:20 pm Panel: #WriteSocial: The Writing Practice on Social Media
Moderator: Lindsay Kwan. Jennifer Zilm, Taryn Hubbard, Kevin Spenst
Presented by Lindsay Kwan

3:25 pm Talk: Michael Kluckner’s The Agony & The Ecstasy: 35 Years as a BC Author Presented by The Canadian Authors Association

Michael Kluckner’s career as a working author and artist began in the 1980s with robust sales, big royalties, prizes and great reviews, and proceeded into the chain store and Internet era with declining sales, pitiful royalties, and a revolving door of publishers. This entertaining presentation offers both a rueful reflection on the book industry and some solid advice for authors to move forward with their egos intact.

4:30 pm Talk: Graphic Novels: Writing Them with Tony Cliff (Delilah Dirk and the Pillars of Hercules, Raincoast Books)
Presented by Raincoast Books

The Promenade Inside the Building

All day
Bookmaking Demos
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (P20-21)

All day
Lettering and Bookmarks
Westcoast Calligraphy Society (P14)

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