Adopt an Author at this Year’s Festival

Adopt an author! Make a meaningful connection to Vancouver’s writing community. Your name will be associated with a lively cultural event aimed at promoting literacy and you will receive a signed copy of your author’s book.

This program was created as a way to fundraise for WORD Vancouver and we need your help to ensure that the program is a success.

It’s easy! Just check out the list of authors available (PDF attached or see below) and fill out the registration form (PDF). Your choice of author, registration form, and cheque for $100 must be submitted to the Word Vancouver office by August 27, 2013 to ensure your acknowledgment in the festival program. If you submit after this date you will still be acknowledged at the author’s reading and will receive your author’s signed book.

Authors available as of August 12, 2013:

Short Fiction

  • Theodora Armstrong — Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility
  • Julia Lin — Miah
  • Cynthia Flood — Red Girl Rat Boy


  • Cathy Ace — The Corpse with the Golden Nose
  • Peter Roman (Peter Darbyshire) — The Mona Lisa Sacrifice
  • Stella Harvey — Nicolai’s Daughters
  • Cameron MacDonald — The Endangered Species Road Trip


  • Kurt Lipschutz — This Drawn & Quartered Moon
  • Pamela Porter — Late Moon 
  • Kim Minkus — Tuft
  • Dennis Bolen — Black Liquor: Poems
  • Brad Cran — Ink on Paper
  • Peter Culley — Parkway
  • Mariner Janes — The Monument Cycles
  • Wanda John-Kehewin — In the Dog House
  • George Stanley — After Desire

Young Adult

  • Irene Watts — Touched by Fire
  • Sara Leach — Count Me In

Children’s Literature

  • Loretta Seto — Mooncakes
  • Julie Flett — Little You
  • Holman Wang — Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice
  • Paola Opal — Pippy
  • Dan Bar-El — Not Your Typical Dragon
  • Rachelle Delaney — The Metro Dogs of Moscow
  • Ainslie Manson — Roll On: Rick Hanson Wheels Around the World
  • Robert Heidbreder—Black and Bittern was Night


  • Sa Boothroyd — Before the World Was Ready
  • Charles Wilkins — Little Ship of Fools
  • Ian Parsons — No Easy Ride: Reflections on My Life in the RCMP
  • Arno Kopecky — The Oil Man and the Sea

Inspiring words.