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Capture Kids’ Imaginations at Word

Word Vancouver is looking forward to our 21st festival. We’re especially excited to announce the launching of the Family Stage, more family friendly fun than ever with entertainment specifically for kids. Word Vancouver is, has always been, and will always be, free to attend. Help keep it that way.

Word Vancouver has a strong commitment to kids’ literacy and encouraging families to discover the joy of books together. Our festival is something in which all kids, from all families, in any circumstances, and with any abilities can participate. Remember when you first fell in love with books and reading? Remember your favourite books? We do, and that’s why we want to make this festival even more about the kids.

Creating the Family Stage means restructuring our programming, focusing on accessible activities and audience engagement, which costs more than solely providing entertainment. We believe that books and reading create smiles and bring happiness; we want to show more kids that reading can be fun. We’re proud to offer a free festival where kids of all ages can hear and meet authors, see mascots from books come alive, do a literary scavenger hunt, and maybe even find their new favourite book.

Help us bring more kids to Word to fall in love with books and reading by donating to our Chimp campaign.

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“Reading Lights” Initiative

The Vancouver Public Library and CWILL BC have announced a new initiative that will place books and reading onto Vancouver streets.

Excerpts of stories or poems with associated illustrations from published children’s literature will be featured on permanent plaques (24” high by 7” wide) and placed on lamp posts in Vancouver.

These “Reading Lights” will provide spontaneous encounters with BC books for children and their caregivers near parks, playgrounds, schools, and libraries. They are intended to spark an interest in stories and reading, while celebrating the work of BC authors and illustrators.

Twenty installations will be completed this year aimed at younger children, with forty more to follow in the next two years for older children.

If you live in BC, write for children, and would like to see your work featured, be sure to check out the submission criteria.

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Word Vancouver a Runner-Up in the Straight’s BOV

GS_BOV_Decal_Runnerup_Colour_2014Word Vancouver is the runner-up for Best Literary Event in The Georgia Straight’s 2014 Best of Vancouver! The annual survey is filled out by Georgia Straight readers and lets us know the best the Lower Mainland has to offer. Thanks for voting for us!

Visit the Georgia Straight Best of Vancouver webpage to view all the results from the 19th annual survey.

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Keeping It Free Campaign

Let’s Keep It Free!

Here at Word Vancouver, our team feels that one of the most fantastic things about the festival is that it’s 100% free! This means that anyone and everyone can attend regardless of their financial circumstance. Hosting a festival of reading and writing that is both inclusive and accessible is really important to us, and we’re sure it matters to you too!

Word Vancouver has always been free and we want to keep it that way. That’s why this year we are introducing the Keeping It Free campaign. We invite you to help keep Word Vancouver free by donating to our Indiegogo campaign from September 8 to 28.

And check out the great perks we’re offering as a thank-you for your generous support:

  • Up to $19: Acknowledgment on the Word Vancouver website
  • $20-$49: A festival book; and acknowledgment on the Word Vancouver website
  • $50-$99: A signed book from one of the authors reading at this year’s festival; and acknowledgment on the Word Vancouver website
  • $100-$249: Access to the Performer Lounge at Word Vancouver 2014; a festival t-shirt; a signed book from one of the authors reading at this year’s festival; an additional book; and acknowledgment on the Word Vancouver website
  • $250-$499: A mini Word Vancouver 2014 Library; access to the Performer Lounge at Word Vancouver 2014 for you and a friend; two festival t-shirts; one book bag; a signed book from one of the authors reading at this year’s festival; and acknowledgment on the Word Vancouver website
  • $500+: A mini Word Vancouver library of signed books; an author coming to your home for a book club meeting or private reading; access to the Performer Lounge at Word Vancouver 2014 for you and a friend; two festival t-shirts; one book bag; and acknowledgment on the Word Vancouver website

Looking for others ways to support Keeping It Free? You can make a donation of any amount on our website or Adopt-an-Author for $100 (please contact us). And, as always, spread the word!


Thank you to the following donors for contributing to the Keeping it Free campaign on Indiegogo:

  1. Melissa Edwards
  2. Rene Groulx
  3. Leslie Thompson
  4. Katherine Ridley
  5. Iva Cheung
  6. Trevor Battye
  7. Bryan Pike
  8. Jennifer Fyffe
  9. Meghan Leigh Bell
  10. Heather Parsons
  11. John D. Breeze
  12. Anna M. Julia
  13. N. Cottingham Powell
  14. Ken McRae
  15. Richard Hopkins
  16. Heather M Johnston
  17. Michael King
  18. Christianne’s Lyceum of Literature and Art

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Word Vancouver Returns for Its 20th Year

The Vancouver Book & Magazine Fair Society is pleased to be producing our 20th annual festival this year! Word Vancouver returns from Wednesday, September 24, to Sunday, September 28, 2014, and will take place at various venues around town, including Library Square.

If you are interested in exhibiting at this year’s festival, be sure to take advantage of our early-bird rate and register by February 28! You will find all the registration details in our Exhibitor Guide (PDF). To discover more ways to be involved with our festival, visit our Get Involved page!

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Schedule Changes for Sunday

On this oh-so-very Vancouver rainy weekend, your own Word Vancouver is moving the show inside!

Yes, all programming and our exhibitor marketplace will now be INSIDE the library and on the Poetry In Transit Bus on site.

  • Canada Writes Tent – now in Blenz coffee shop on the promenade
  • Poetry Tent – now in the Poetry In Transit Bus
  • Exhibitors – now in the Promenade (main floor), Alice MacKay Room and the Moat (downstairs)
  • Magazine Words – now on the 3rd Floor of the Library in the Language Lab
  • Info Tents will still be outside by each entrance
  • Anything previously inside (Kids Words, Word Talks, Writing Talks) will continue as scheduled.

On Sunday (September 29), a world of reading and writing fun awaits us all INSIDE the downtown VPL! (11-5, between Robson and Georgia, Homer and Hamilton)

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Automated Poetry Project

Poetry DispenserThe team at Word Vancouver is thrilled to announce an innovative new festival event: the Automated Poetry Project. Word Vancouver will transform ordinary vending machines into poetry dispensers!

Poems will be placed in vending machine capsules and dispensed for just a toonie each. The machines will be in multiple locations in downtown Vancouver during the month of September 2013.

Impact of the Automated Poetry Project:

The Automated Poetry Project will help raise the profiles of Vancouver poets and bring excellent poetry to every day locations such as coffee shops. As a supporter, you will make a meaningful contribution to Vancouver’s literary community and will participate in an important aspect of Canada’s diverse, unique artistic culture.


Thanks to the generosity of the following donors to the Automated Poetry Project’s crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, the Word Vancouver team has successfully been able to purchase, re-furbish, and re-locate five poetry dispensers to locations throughout downtown Vancouver:

  1. Daniel Zomparelli
  2. Mary Trentadue
  3. Diane Tucker
  4. Bryan Pike
  5. Caroline Adderson
  6. Mauve Page
  7. Zoe Grams
  8. Shazia Ramji
  9. Rhea Tregebov
  10. Trevor Battye
  11. Mary-Ann Yazedjian
  12. Calvin Wharton
  13. Elee Gardiner
  14. Andrea J. Crosley
  15. Lee Trentadue
  16. Monica Miller
  17. Karen L. Zeller
  18. wrldtrvlgrl


Following our fundraising efforts hosted on Indiegogo, the Automated Poetry Project raised $1,085. Thanks to this support, five Automated Poetry vending machines have been purchased, refurbished, and re-homed to locations in  Vancouver.

  1. Bean Around the World (175 West Hastings Street)
  2. Paper Hound Bookshop (344 West Pender Street)
  3. Banyen Books & Sound (3608 West 4th Avenue)
  4. book’mark, the Vancouver Public Library store (350 West Georgia Street)
  5. Pulpfiction Books, (2754 West Broadway)

Participating Poets

We would like to thank all participating poets and publishers who submitted poems for the Automated Poetry Project, and our partner, the Literary Press Group of Canada.

Literary Press Group of Canada

The following poets and publishers graciously supplied the poems for the Automated Poetry Project:

  • Jordan Abel
  • Yulia Aleynikova
  • Reneltta Arluk
  • Ghia Aweida
  • Elizabeth Bachinsky
  • John Wall Barger
  • John Barton
  • Denis Bolen
  • Stephanie Bolster
  • Tim Bowling
  • Kate Braid
  • Kim Clark
  • Brad Cran
  • Jen Currin
  • Marita Dachsel
  • Ruth Dato
  • Amber Dawn
  • Rodney DeCroo
  • Henry Doyle
  • Karen Enns
  • Patrick Friesen
  • Catherine Greenwood
  • David Groulx
  • Erold Harold
  • Jennica Harper
  • Mohamed Helaly
  • Anne Hopkinson
  • Michael Kenyon
  • Cynthia Woodman Kerkham
  • Larissa Lai
  • GP Lainsbury
  • Fiona Tinwei Lam
  • Robyn Livingstone
  • Nicole Markotic
  • Sharon McCartney
  • Andrew McEwan
  • kevin mcpherson eckhoff
  • Kim Minkus
  • Andrea Nikki
  • Arleen Pare
  • Al Rempel
  • Madeline Sonik
  • George Stanley
  • Susan Steudel
  • Jacqueline Turner
  • Ursula Vaira
  • Calvin Wharton
  • Rita Wong
  • Jan Zwicky
  • Anvil Press
  • BookLand Press
  • BookThug
  • Brick Books
  • Caitlin Press
  • Coach House Books
  • ECW Press
  • Gaspereau Press
  • Inanna Publications
  • Invisible Publishing
  • New Star Books
  • Nightwood Editions
  • Otter Press
  • Palimpsest Press
  • Talonbooks

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Adopt an Author at this Year’s Festival

Adopt an author! Make a meaningful connection to Vancouver’s writing community. Your name will be associated with a lively cultural event aimed at promoting literacy and you will receive a signed copy of your author’s book.

This program was created as a way to fundraise for WORD Vancouver and we need your help to ensure that the program is a success.

It’s easy! Just check out the list of authors available (PDF attached or see below) and fill out the registration form (PDF). Your choice of author, registration form, and cheque for $100 must be submitted to the Word Vancouver office by August 27, 2013 to ensure your acknowledgment in the festival program. If you submit after this date you will still be acknowledged at the author’s reading and will receive your author’s signed book.

Authors available as of August 12, 2013:

Short Fiction

  • Theodora Armstrong — Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility
  • Julia Lin — Miah
  • Cynthia Flood — Red Girl Rat Boy


  • Cathy Ace — The Corpse with the Golden Nose
  • Peter Roman (Peter Darbyshire) — The Mona Lisa Sacrifice
  • Stella Harvey — Nicolai’s Daughters
  • Cameron MacDonald — The Endangered Species Road Trip


  • Kurt Lipschutz — This Drawn & Quartered Moon
  • Pamela Porter — Late Moon 
  • Kim Minkus — Tuft
  • Dennis Bolen — Black Liquor: Poems
  • Brad Cran — Ink on Paper
  • Peter Culley — Parkway
  • Mariner Janes — The Monument Cycles
  • Wanda John-Kehewin — In the Dog House
  • George Stanley — After Desire

Young Adult

  • Irene Watts — Touched by Fire
  • Sara Leach — Count Me In

Children’s Literature

  • Loretta Seto — Mooncakes
  • Julie Flett — Little You
  • Holman Wang — Cozy Classics: Pride and Prejudice
  • Paola Opal — Pippy
  • Dan Bar-El — Not Your Typical Dragon
  • Rachelle Delaney — The Metro Dogs of Moscow
  • Ainslie Manson — Roll On: Rick Hanson Wheels Around the World
  • Robert Heidbreder—Black and Bittern was Night


  • Sa Boothroyd — Before the World Was Ready
  • Charles Wilkins — Little Ship of Fools
  • Ian Parsons — No Easy Ride: Reflections on My Life in the RCMP
  • Arno Kopecky — The Oil Man and the Sea

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Crowdfunding for the Automated Poetry Project

The team at Word Vancouver is thrilled to announce an innovative new festival event: the Automated Poetry Project. Word Vancouver will transform ordinary vending machines into poetry dispensers! Poems will be placed in vending machine capsules and dispensed for just a toonie each. The machines will be in multiple locations in downtown Vancouver during the month of September 2013.

How can you help?

We need your support to launch the Automated Poetry Project. To purchase five vending machines, we need to raise $2000. All proceeds from vending machine sales will support local poets involved in the Word Vancouver festival.

Choose your support level today! There are lots of great perks including book bags, poetry books, and even your name on a poetry dispenser!

Note, if we do not reach our fundraising goal, Word Vancouver will use all the donated funds to purchase as many vending machines as possible.

Other ways to get involved:

If you would like to support the Automated Poetry Project but cannot make a donation at this time, please help spread the word about our project to your friends and consider volunteering at our event.

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