Automated Poetry Project

Poetry DispenserThe team at Word Vancouver is thrilled to announce an innovative new festival event: the Automated Poetry Project. Word Vancouver will transform ordinary vending machines into poetry dispensers!

Poems will be placed in vending machine capsules and dispensed for just a toonie each. The machines will be in multiple locations in downtown Vancouver during the month of September 2013.

Impact of the Automated Poetry Project:

The Automated Poetry Project will help raise the profiles of Vancouver poets and bring excellent poetry to every day locations such as coffee shops. As a supporter, you will make a meaningful contribution to Vancouver’s literary community and will participate in an important aspect of Canada’s diverse, unique artistic culture.


Thanks to the generosity of the following donors to the Automated Poetry Project’s crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, the Word Vancouver team has successfully been able to purchase, re-furbish, and re-locate five poetry dispensers to locations throughout downtown Vancouver:

  1. Daniel Zomparelli
  2. Mary Trentadue
  3. Diane Tucker
  4. Bryan Pike
  5. Caroline Adderson
  6. Mauve Page
  7. Zoe Grams
  8. Shazia Ramji
  9. Rhea Tregebov
  10. Trevor Battye
  11. Mary-Ann Yazedjian
  12. Calvin Wharton
  13. Elee Gardiner
  14. Andrea J. Crosley
  15. Lee Trentadue
  16. Monica Miller
  17. Karen L. Zeller
  18. wrldtrvlgrl


Following our fundraising efforts hosted on Indiegogo, the Automated Poetry Project raised $1,085. Thanks to this support, five Automated Poetry vending machines have been purchased, refurbished, and re-homed to locations in  Vancouver.

  1. Bean Around the World (175 West Hastings Street)
  2. Paper Hound Bookshop (344 West Pender Street)
  3. Banyen Books & Sound (3608 West 4th Avenue)
  4. book’mark, the Vancouver Public Library store (350 West Georgia Street)
  5. Pulpfiction Books, (2754 West Broadway)

Participating Poets

We would like to thank all participating poets and publishers who submitted poems for the Automated Poetry Project, and our partner, the Literary Press Group of Canada.

Literary Press Group of Canada

The following poets and publishers graciously supplied the poems for the Automated Poetry Project:

  • Jordan Abel
  • Yulia Aleynikova
  • Reneltta Arluk
  • Ghia Aweida
  • Elizabeth Bachinsky
  • John Wall Barger
  • John Barton
  • Denis Bolen
  • Stephanie Bolster
  • Tim Bowling
  • Kate Braid
  • Kim Clark
  • Brad Cran
  • Jen Currin
  • Marita Dachsel
  • Ruth Dato
  • Amber Dawn
  • Rodney DeCroo
  • Henry Doyle
  • Karen Enns
  • Patrick Friesen
  • Catherine Greenwood
  • David Groulx
  • Erold Harold
  • Jennica Harper
  • Mohamed Helaly
  • Anne Hopkinson
  • Michael Kenyon
  • Cynthia Woodman Kerkham
  • Larissa Lai
  • GP Lainsbury
  • Fiona Tinwei Lam
  • Robyn Livingstone
  • Nicole Markotic
  • Sharon McCartney
  • Andrew McEwan
  • kevin mcpherson eckhoff
  • Kim Minkus
  • Andrea Nikki
  • Arleen Pare
  • Al Rempel
  • Madeline Sonik
  • George Stanley
  • Susan Steudel
  • Jacqueline Turner
  • Ursula Vaira
  • Calvin Wharton
  • Rita Wong
  • Jan Zwicky
  • Anvil Press
  • BookLand Press
  • BookThug
  • Brick Books
  • Caitlin Press
  • Coach House Books
  • ECW Press
  • Gaspereau Press
  • Inanna Publications
  • Invisible Publishing
  • New Star Books
  • Nightwood Editions
  • Otter Press
  • Palimpsest Press
  • Talonbooks

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